Do or Die Crew

All that matters is what you do in the end. when it's your last stand & your backs against the wall. When the other team is praying for your error. do you fold as the defeated or emerge the victor? In that pressure, the heat is on and every eye is upon you. It's what you do in that moment that matters the most. It all comes down to what you do in the ninth inning. You either "do" or "die". Choose to win.

Ninth Inning Tx is a lifestyle label creating genuine & authentic on field attire. It's product that celebrates & represents what the game of baseball was yesterday, is today & will be tomorrow…with a little Texas kick. From wearable items to every day consumables, we hit all the bases. 

The Champions.

Mark Champion, Owner

Mark Champion, Owner

The 9 is owned & operated by Mark Champion of Houston, Tx. Mark grew up in Corpus Christi, Tx, playing baseball as a kid up until he graduated high school in 2006. After relocating to Houston with his wife six years later, he commenced to start a branding he could stand behind & convey his love for baseball. Ninth Inning Tx was created in the fall of 2012 & debuted the following January. The idea: minimal & original design based on a classic aesthetic. Since the 9's inception, that nostalgic vibe has held true to its core & continues to push forward, carrying a strong image of authenticity and passion for the game.

Today, Mark resides in Houston, Tx with his wife Bianca, their daughter Maris & two dachshunds, Yogi Barka & Ken Griffey Wiener. He loves collecting vinyl records, the Texas Rangers & watching the Office.