A Weekend with Globe Life Park.

It doesn't matter if you call it "Ballpark in Arlington" or "Globe Life Park", it's always been home for us. I can recall being around ten years old or so & going to my first big league game with my family. It was a Mariners Rangers night game. No, Rangers didn't take the W because they gave up a two run shot in the ninth inning to a certain future hall of fame ball player named "Ken Griffey, Jr". 

Fast forward some years, I always made my way back to Arlington. When my wife & I were dating I would convince her somehow to go with my every summer to a matchup. She fell in love with it over time & soon picked up on my affection for this particular team & field. After a few summers of making the voyage, I ended up proposing to her on the field. Yep! It was the first year of "Globe Life Park" & opening day. We were in an ATV at 3rd Base when I said "look at the big screen!" Of course, she said yes! A few years later, we're taking our daughter Maris to her first big league experience. 

Needless to say, this field means a lot to not just to me anymore....but to my family. I wouldn't have it any other way. Baseball is emotional, it's captivating in a manor that you can't turn away from it when its broadcasted in front of you. Globe Life always brings out those emotions, despite winning or losing the game that day. The passion for this field runs deep & being able to pass that onto my daughter was a fulfilling "Dad" moment. Enjoy our experience!