A Summer with Batting Around

It felt like we were at a celebration of baseball instead of just a ball game.
— Batting Around

Grant Jones & Mike Cronin. Two Atlanta boys who had the bright idea to basically tour a selective area of the country & hit several major league ballparks along the way. When it's over, they collect their thoughts, photos & personal take on those ballparks and turn it into a classy, definitive & elaborate zine. Two successful summer tours, two successful zine releases. 

Issue #2 is now in the hands of those that took advantage of the pre-sale some months back. Upon reading the second issue, you pick up on two things right away: honesty & passion. Listen, not all ballparks are built the same so not all ballparks will carry the same memories. Some are recently built monstrosities that overlooked the entire meaning of the "ballpark" idea. Some are designed perfectly in every way. Grant & Mike do not hold back on their opinion by any means. You start to enjoy that brutal honesty as you conclude the reading & grow a respect for the sheer blunt attitude. I can tell you, my favorite major league ballpark sits about twenty minutes west of Dallas, Tx but I live twenty minutes from my least favorite major league ballpark. Different parks, different folks...right? 

Aside from the honesty that is just jumping off the page, you can't help but pick up on their passion. It's an overall glowing, loud & detailed love for the game that is glorified through their attention to details. First of all, to set out & conquer five major league stadiums in an epic baseball love voyage is an accomplishment all on its own...but to turn around & share that experience in a very elaborate and genuine manner is pure PASSION. They could of easily posted photos to social media, included some detailed descriptions & called it good. Instead, they turned their passion into a project that what I feel will only evolve every single summer to come. They're inspiring, to say the very least. What they're accomplishing should really be televised. Why not? Maybe an E:60 special, Spike TV seasonal show or Netflix original about just two guys hitting the open road in all hopes of seeking ultimate baseball greatness. 

What I love most is that at the end of the day, they're not doing it for cool points or impressing anyone. They're doing it for the simple joy & for the glory. Imagine in fifty years & they're able to share with their own grandkids what they accomplished. Baseball is a sport meant to be shared. It's meant to inspire & thats exactly what these two Atlanta boys are accomplishing. Inspiration through honesty & passion. Grant Jones & Mike Cronin, never stop batting around. 


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Mark Champion