A Sunday with Christian Lain.

Call it "support", I call it "family". When you're able to chase a dream with full force, the encouragement from people like your wife & best friends matter more than they know.

To best explain, the story goes back to last summer. Bianca & I were in Corpus visiting friends & family when someone (probably not sober) had the bright idea of getting "Diamond 9" tattoos to signify our commitment to the brand. I jokingly shrugged it off but it lingered within our conversations & hang outs for quite sometime after that. During a very busy yet successful spring/summer season for the brand, we still juggled the joke about the tattoo until I finally committed & said "let's do it". Yes, it's just another tattoo for some people & if you're not picking it up by now, it's the significance & the mere idea that someone (other than myself) would get our logo stamped on them permanently. AMAZING.  

After our collaboration in December, I immediately reached out to Christian Lain at Pinnacle Tattoo in Corpus. Without hesitation, he was on board & as stoked as we were. We hopped in the truck & made our way south. We spent our Sunday morning hanging out at the shop, catching up with some friends we hadn't seen in a while.

First up, Critter. He's more or less decorated in carefully placed tattoos, ranging from an H.P. Lovecraft "Cthulu" piece to a melting candle burning at both ends. Christian placed the "Diamond 9" on the front of Critter's right shin, right above his Darker Days joint. The placement couldn't have been cleaner, it was a damn good fit. One down, two to go & Turbo was up to the plate next. He decided to get the logo around his lower left thigh, just above the knee. Turbo has a detailed "astronaut" in the same region as an homage to the city of Houston. So one can assume he's going to deck out that area in all Texas things, I can dig it. Second Ninth banger, looking good! I was batting clean up & last in the order. Unlike Critter & Turbo, I bear just a single banger on my left bicep of Cold World lyrics, dedicated to a buddy I lost a few years ago. I knew I wanted the brand's logo in a spot that would be seen & in good placement. My left calf was the ideal spot & it worked out smoothly. Christian got to work, drilling the outline of the diamond first & filling in came after. He did a great job, assigning the "Diamond 9" in a bold & loud manner to be seen from across the room. 

At the end of the day, it was a more enjoyable Sunday morning than we imagined. We got to hang out with some familiar faces & catch up with others while getting something that will last forever. I'm proud to call these guys "lifers" for the 9 & I can't wait for the next "bright idea" to be thrown out there.